What is "Help > edit the help text" role permission?

I searched the Roles and Permissions documentation
( https://community.d2l.com/brightspace/kb/articles/4451-about-roles-and-permissions ) and could not find information about the following permission: Help > Edit the Help Text

What does this permission allow the user to do, see, and are other permissions required for this permission to be effective?

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  • Dan.S.84
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    Hi @Suzanne.Schlangen2392 So it appears this tool was deprecated and EOL in version 10.7.1 (May 2017). I believe this was useful for clients downloading the Brightspace Help documentation and then embedding in your site, allowing roles with this permission to edit changes in the documentation. It may have also been specifically for on-prem clients. I've brought this to the attention of our prod mgt team as it looks like it was not actually removed when EOL. They will be updating the info to have this removed. I would encourage you to go into your organizational tools and turn the tool off, so the permissions don't appear. Hope this helps! Dan


  • Julie.L.787
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    Hey @Suzanne.Schlangen2392 ,

    Thanks for connecting with the Brightspace Community.

    When I took a peek, I wasn't able to find documentation for that role and permission either. I've connected your question with our Knowledge team who will be able to either point us in the right direction or identify that this is an area where we can get busy creating more comprehensive documentation for this role/permission.

    Very grateful for you posing your question here and putting this on our radar. Stay tuned!

  • Mary.M.343
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    Hi @Suzanne.Schlangen2392 - where did you see that permission (so I know how to troubleshoot this?) In Community or in Brightspace?

  • Suzanne.S.710
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    Hi @Mary Mac165 , the permission is listed on the Edit Permissions screen in Brightspace.

  • Mary.M.343
    Mary.M.343 Posts: 71 admin

    Hm. I'll circle back when I have anything to share.

  • Dan.S.84
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    Hi @Suzanne.Schlangen2392 You have stumped me! Not many do, but if anyone I knew it could be you or your team! I see the permission in my sandbox, but don't have a clue yet what "help" you can edit. There used to be something in the old "shared files" area, but I'm checking with others on my team for the correct answer. Will update soon.😀