How can I remove/hide the Admin Tools icon from "non-admin" user roles?


Maybe I',m missing something or not looking int he right place, but I have a several non-admin user roles that have the Admin Tool icon next to their names once logged in. I would like to hide or remove this from those user roles.


  • Olly.F.893

    Hi Jacqueline, the admin tools cog appears as soon as someone has a permission for something that sits in the admin tools area. For any staff role, even if they're not an admin per se, it can be hard / impossible to get it to disappear without revoking access to a tool that's fairly integral to the system.

    This is the kind of thing you would want to try in your test environment, rather than the production environment, but if you slowly revoke the permissions for the tools that appear in the admin cog, they will disappear from that user's view. If there are no tools they have access to, the cog will disappear. You have to be careful with this, however, because some permissions can have slightly broader impacts than you might anticipate.