Regarding Fix #01783077 (HTML Written response questions overwritten with undefined)

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Just wondering what the behaviour was for this prior to the fix?

We had an instance recently where a student's answers to a written response question were blank but in the Quiz Log we could see that they had entered text (# of characters). Wondering if this will be corrected with this fix?

(BTW, this link goes to a Creator+ article, not the HTML written response article)

01783077 *New*



Mar 13 2023

HTML written response questions can be overwritten with "undefined"

Mar 13 2023

20.23.4 CD Update

20.23.3 Hotfix (Mar 13-14)

20.23.3 CD Update

20.23.3 CD Update



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    Hi @Michelle.Laarissa8462 ;

    Based on what I can discover from the case in question, the reported behaviour before the issue was resolved was that learners were reporting the written response answers were being replaced with "Undefined".

    Previously in rare circumstances, HTML-written response questions could be overwritten with 'undefined' on a page save. When investigating the quiz attempt log, the system would be saving the question with different character lengths in the response.

    As of, the Quizzing tool will identify on a page save if any written responses are returned as 'undefined' and will not overwrite answers with 'undefined'.

    I will work with the community team to correct that link - thank you for calling that out!

    The correct link is:

    To answer your question, this was fixed around March 13-14, 2023 based on the Fixed Notification article (Link: Fix notification article)

    Kind regards;