Exporting class progress

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I have a someone who is an admin in a specific course, as they need to be able to manage just that course, see who has enrolled and each individual's completion status.

I can see the class progress page has all the information they need, however I can't seem to export it. They want to be able to run a report monthly to see who has completed and who hasn't completed the course. Since the view only lets you see 50 people at a time, it's not very useable for their purpose since there can be 100's of users in the course.

I know I can run a report with the Data hub on learner progress, however they don't have access to that feature, since they are ‘read only’ on all the other parts of the LMS.

Anyway they can easily export the class progress data?




  • Hi Steve,

    Thanks for reaching us through the Brightspace Community!

    Unfortunately it's currently not possible to export Class Progress. The following PIE has been submitted: Ability to export user or class progress information (D1350).

    There are also two existing PIE Items that addresses the option of seeing more than 50 users at a time: Ability to show all students in Class Progress (D10063) and (D7334)

    Please visit these enhancement ideas, upvote and comment.