Can you change camera setting for video note?

Karl.C.186 Posts: 7 🌱

When I go to a video note, my camera view is being overode by an application that has been deleted from my Mac

Is there a way to nudge the camera view to another camers in my Mac?




  • I couldn't find an option within the Video Note tool, but I did find that changing my browser's default camera, or the browser's camera permissions for a particular site, nudged it into using a different camera. In Chrome, I searched settings for ‘camera’ and changed the camera from the dropdown. If you're on Safari on your Mac, I'm not sure what the steps would be, but maybe starting with the browser's camera settings could work?

  • Karl.C.186
    Karl.C.186 Posts: 7 🌱

    Greetings Olly,

    That is the nudge it needed. Just jumping between cameras seemed to do the trick. I have a couple tied into the mac, the built in and an external webcam.

    Thanks for the solution.