How do I copy webpages with the same Brightspace course?

Hi Folks,

If I have a moudle or weekly structure in my course, say Module 1, Moudle 2… and the same kinds of webpages every week, say Accoordian, then content, then disucssion, etc.

Is there a way through course builder or manange files to copy the files from module 1 into moudle 2, and then adjust them as needed for moudle 2? And then for moudles, 3, 4, 5, etc…

I mean it seems so easy to copy course content from one course to another, it should be easy to copy course content or webpages within a course, right?

Basically, can someone explain how WITHIN a single course I can copy contetn from one module to another if you want the same content in every module (every week) for a course? Do you have to create a new link, file, whatever, for every single week, or can you duplicate it somehow?

Thank You.


  • Hi Kevin,

    When I want to copy a page, I go to the source code:

    I simply copy the entire code and paste it on a new page.

    Hope that helps!

  • Susan.W.104
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    hi @Kevin.Hartman6138

    Can you see if this works for you? I HIGHLY recommend trying in a sandbox course first. I work with HTML templates a lot and I think Im following what you want. You have basic text for each page and want to do a few minor edits on the next module and so on….is that correct?

  • Annemarie.B.443
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    This works but it's so strange to me there is no built-in copy content within a course. I've seen instructors import to another site and import back in again just to accomplish this.

  • Jennifer.W.973
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    You can also just use Select a Document Template when creating an HTML page even if you aren't actually using real templates. Choose the last option to Browse for a Template, then just select any HTML file that's already saved in your course. This makes a copy of the existing page and you can edit it as needed and save it with a new name.

  • Allyson.H.799
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    How do you access the source code?