what is the userId of DevCoPStudent

for GET /d2l/api/lp/(version)/users/(userId)


  • is there any test user who can add student or how to register such an admin user account?

    POST /d2l/api/lp/(version)/users/

  • Hi @he_greatexposure

    In order to pull account information with an API call as you've mentioned above, you need to have access to send/receive API requests to Brightspace. If you are unsure, please speak to your system administrator for more information to have a service account created or have your existing account modified.

    If you are looking for your service account above, I'd recommend chatting with your administrator to get the “UserID” for Brightspace.

    You can use this command to search based on the UserName, OrgDefinedID or otherwise: https://docs.valence.desire2learn.com/res/user.html#get--d2l-api-lp-(version)-users-

    There is further information in our Developer platform release notes: https://docs.valence.desire2learn.com/res/user.html

    If you are using “GET” commands - these are used for pulling down user information; whereas POST you'll need to ensure that you have the appropriate JSON body in place to send the necessary information into Brightspace.

    Good luck with your journey!