Can a user access D2L from another country?


A student will be traveling to Japan next week. Will they be able to access Brightspace from Japan?

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    Hey @Karen Ran283,

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    Some countries have restrictions on certain sites, browsers, and so forth. While D2L is available abroad in many countries, some countries may have restrictions that prevent students from accessing D2L. When a student encounters a firewall, there are multiple solutions.

    Here are a few ways a student could bypass a firewall:

    • Use a proxy
    • Use a VPN
    • Use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot
    • Use a SSH Tunnel
    • Use Tor

    Some of these solutions come with potential repercussions, like viruses if the student is using a service that is not secure. It is best to research the potential solutions more extensively before making a choice.

    I hope this helps!