Students' answers are wrongly corrected in Arithmetic quiz type?


Students answer wrong answers, but they get a correct grade.

For example, Here is a question setup:

When a student answers 0,1, they get their answer as correct. Although, it's outside the range.

Is there something I am missing here?


  • Dmitry.L.956
    Dmitry.L.956 Posts: 38
    edited March 2023

    MIna, it looks like you set decimal places as 0.
    Could the issue be related to insufficient precision of the answer?

  • Mina.A.217
    Mina.A.217 Posts: 3 🌱

    Thanks @Dmitry Lyt344 for your answer.

    I am a bit confused, what is the difference between Precision & Decimal places?

    For instance, if I want the answer to be anything between 0,21 to 0,25.
    Shall I set the min=0,21, max=0,25? And what shall I coose for precision & decimal places?