Where should I post a question about settings for a quiz question?


I have a question about the settings for fill in the blank quiz questions. Where should I ask this question?

I see that one must select a category before posting a question. None of the categories seem like a good fit. Based on the indentations, there is only one top-level header: "Resources." None of the items under "Resources" seems like a good match for a question about quiz tool functionality.

I'm not even sure which category to select for this question. (I picked "Community Corner," but I don't know what that is.)

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  • Julie.L.787
    Julie.L.787 Posts: 313 admin
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    Hi @Andre.Mount8810 ,

    Thanks for reaching out to the Brightspace Community!

    In this case, we would recommend selecting the Customer Enablement category or the one that best suits your industry. These tags help to ensure that the right eyes are getting to your question.

    You raise a very important point about the process to ask a question. I'm happy to take this feedback to our team to chat further about how we can better inform community members' decisions about how to select a category when asking a question. Grateful for your feedback!😀


  • Andre.M.416
    Andre.M.416 Posts: 17 🌱

    Thanks, @Julie Low558. I'll do that.

    "Customer Enablement" isn't a term I'm familiar with. Can you point me to a page where I can find descriptions of the different categories so that I'll be better equipped to put future questions in the right place?