Re: LTI – Improved Grades Associations for LTI 1.3 | Updated release notes

I need some clarification about what bullet item #1 means:

"The first time the tool sends a grade value, the gradebook column and associate that column with the link in content is automatically created .This matches LTI 1.1 behavior and allows to automate managing the grade objects."

This is really unclear and ungrammatical.

On a side note, I find this happens often in your release notes. It would clear up a lot of confusion if you had someone proofread these before you send them out


  • Judy.B.556
    Judy.B.556 Posts: 47 admin

    @woodburym, thank you for the feedback. We appreciate it.

    We will get some clarification on that first bullet item and update it to be more clear. You can expect to see an update next Thursday, 2nd March, 2023.