Import a quiz compiled from a quiz library to another course

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I put together a quiz (i.e. 20 questions) from a quiz library section (300 questions). Now I'd like to export this quiz to another course. I use the export/import function. However, the imported quiz contains no question at all. I guess that I could export/import the quiz section and re-create the quiz in another course. However, duplicating the quiz is a lot of work. Is there any work around?


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    Did you do "Copy Components from another Org Unit"? And you selected to copy the Question Library?

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    Thanks! I did not realize that "copy components from another Org Unit" behaves differently from "export a course component" followed by "import" a zip file. I tried your suggestion and It works although I was only able to "include associated files" but not the question library. It would be nice to copy the question library with it at the same time. Anyway, it has solved my problem!

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    Hi @Chiju Huang​ 

    When you copy from another Org Unit you are able to choose either if you only want to copy a quiz or if you also want to copy the Question library. The Library and Quizzes are 2 different items/objects. But note if you copy a quiz and there is a Grade associated with it, that Grade must also be copied and Grades are another item/object you then must choose. (A tip is to check "Select individual items to copy" so you don´t copy the whole gradebook)


    So you can copy a quiz + grade and not the Question Library since all the questions in the quiz are included in the quiz item


    Hopefully this makes it more clear and please D2L if you can check that I´m not saying anything incorrect


    Kind Regards


  • Sue.H.848
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    I've noticed that if you copy an individual quiz with Pool items, and don't include the Question Library sections that those pool items came from, then those questions in the quiz can no longer be imported back to the library or to any other quiz in the course.

    It would be helpful to have Question Library sections that are associated with the pool items in a quiz, also copy with the quiz. Alternatively, create a new QLibrary section with the quiz name and include a copy of all of the pool item questions. Hoping that simply checking the box to include associated items would do this automatically. Currently it does not.