What information do you want to see more of on the @BrightspaceHelp Twitter handle?

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💬Connect with us and help us plan for bigger and better things in 2023!

🗳️Select one of the following options to tell us what you'd like to see more of on Twitter:

📝Note: Feedback on this poll is anonymous.

What information do you want to see more of on the @BrightspaceHelp Twitter handle? 4 votes

Free courses on how to use Brightspace Tools
0% 0 votes
Upcoming Events
25% 1 vote
Resources to get involved in the New Brightspace Community
25% 1 vote
Documentation for Brightspace Tools
25% 1 vote
Brightspace Release Note Highlights
25% 1 vote


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    Hey Community Champions!

    We love your participation inside the poll to help us understand what content you are hoping to hear more about in our upcoming tweets through the @BrightspaceHelp Twitter Handle.

    You Asked and We've Heard:

    Stay tuned on our twitter channel to see more of the events, documentation, release notes and resources to get involved.

    We have organized our Twitter content to stay consistent with your feedback:

    1. #MotivationalMondays: General Community Information and Documentation Highlights
    2. #TrainingTuesdays: Highlight Training Webinars hosted by the Brightspace Guided Training Team and content to expand your skills with Brightspace
    3. #WednesdayWins: Mention the greatest wins inside Community and accross Brightspace
    4. #ThrowbackThursdays: Here is an opportunity to share from us feedback incorporated from the Product Idea Exchange and on the first thursday of every month, highlighting the Release Notes and Release Highlights Video
    5. #ConvosWithCommunity/ #TGIF: We know it's almost weekend and like to keep it casual - Here is an opportunity for you to connect with the Community!

    Thanks for sharing more with us! We love your participation and want to enhance your experience with you and for you.

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