Using a Game Map


When I access the lesson content through the Content link, you can see the icon that allows the students to check if they have completed it.

When they access from the Game Map, it automatically checks it to complete, even if they were only on the page for a second:

I am not sure how to fix this.

It is similar with the activities. If you access it through Assessments, then dropbox, learners have to scroll past the rubric to submit, which I love:

The game map removes this:

Is there a way for me to fix this?


  • Jeannette.M.93


    There is only the option to require the learner to say they completed the game map, rather than automatically completing it on view:

    This is done from the Classic Content Table of contents area.

    The game map is not like a SCORM object, it doesn't know that it is 'complete' and can send completion information to the Content tool completion tracking. We generally recommend instead tying assessments or badges to the map to track overall completion and to add to the overall gamefication aspect.

    For the assignments issue and rubrics not showing, I'll take that away as an improvement ask. We don't have current plans to make updates to how the game based learning assignments module works, but I can track it in the back log. Thank you for the recommendation - I know the assignments team will be glad to know you love that feature.