My navbar is gone

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it just isn't at the top of the page anymore... so Admin settings arnt there for me to change it back... looking for the icons that say Class Tools... etc




  • Sangeetha.T.629
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    Hi @Mario ferretti​ ,


    Please find the Steps to Restore NavBar:

    1>Open the course which does not have Navbar(OU = 555555)

    2>Open any other course with Navbar present

    3>In course with navbar click course admin

    4>Copy this URL and paste it on any Notepad or word

    5>In this URL you will notice OU will be of the course with Navbar, Example: https://SiteURL/d2l/lp/cmc/main.d2l?ou=123456

    6> Here the URL has OU 123456

    7>Go back to broken Notepad where you have saved this url and only change (Example: 123456 to 555555(your Course OU)

    8> this will give you course Admin.

    9>In course admin go to Navigation & Themes

    10>Under Navbars >Dropdown> there are all the navbars click on one and press apply.


    You will get NavBar which ever is selected.


    Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns.




  • Mario.ferretti2966
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    oh my goodness thank you!!!!!