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NOTE: I am retired but need to access my files as I am volunteer teaching again.


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    Hi @Ellene.Phufas6914,

    Thanks for reaching out to us here at the Brightspace Community.

    The Manage Files tool is a file management system for your course. You can use this tool to organize and upload files associated with your course offering. We recommend that you organize your files into folders, creating a folder for each module of content.

    Manage Files enables you to select and upload files from your computer to Learning Environment. You can upload most file types to a content directory in Manage Files, but only files with specific extensions can be used as content topics.

    The functions you can perform in Manage Files can be divided into the following two categories:

    • Organize and manage course files and folders - Perform tasks such as creating, editing, deleting, uploading, moving files and folder, and zipping and unzipping files.

    ✏️ Note: When you unzip a file on the Manage Files page in a course, a message notifies you that the operation is happening in the background and that you will be notified when it is complete. This allows you to perform other tasks while waiting for the operation to complete.

  • OK So I can upload my course BB zip files... but where do I actually create the course shell so I can develop the course and upload my files.

    BUT - I cannot find the location to do that... please inform me of the web address to do that.

    Thank you

  • I do not see my course. Where do I create it?

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    @Ellene.Phufas6914 Most often Course Instructors are not able to create a course shell but must connect with their Brightspace Administrator to access a course created for them. If you're not sure who your Brightspace Administrator is, try reaching out to your help desk. (If you're not sure how to do this, please leave a reply here and we can help to connect you)

    If you have access to the Administrator Cog, you can follow the steps on this page to create a new course:

    Set up course offerings using templates - Brightspace (

    Once inside of that course, you will want to use the Manage Files tool to unzip the course files and begin to organize them in your table of contents.  

  • OK finally. So Brightspace does not offer course shells for those who no longer teach for an institution that has there a way to pay out of pocket for a space so I can see my files? If not then can you point me to another service that can allow me to upload my zip BB course files?

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    Hi @Ellene.Phufas6914

    Short term trials are available for free using: Try Brightspace FREE for 30 days (

    You can connect with the sales team by filling in the contact sales form here: Contact Sales | D2L

    May I confirm, you're trying to upload Brightspace Course Packages not Blackboard course exports?

  • I do not mind repeating this - I have a bunch of BB course zip files. NOT BRIGHTSPACE - the college from which i retired is now using Brightspace. I need to be able to upload these stored BB files (in my own hard drive) into a platform such as yours so that I can use them see them interact with them and possibly use them to teach independent courses again.

    Can anyone help?


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    Hi @Ellene.Phufas6914 To import your BB zip files into Brightspace, you will need your campus site and a course shell. It sounds like you've retired from your previous campus (congrats!), but may still be considering teaching? You might contact your previous campus and request a course shell be provided for you to work with. Then you can follow the instructions here to import your BB course packages. As Stefanie mentioned earlier, if you are not able to access a campus site with a course shell, you can request a trial site for 30 days, however, you will not have access to your files in the trial site after 30 days, they will be deleted. Hope this helps! Dan