Is it possible to enroll someone in a course to copy content but not modify the content?

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It's been a while since we've tried this, but we occasionally use template courses and enroll instructors in it with the traditional instructor role. Of course, someone eventually accidentally makes changes to the course. In the past, we couldn't create a role that could copy/import without also being able to modify the course. Has anyone had luck with this recently?


  • Jonathan.S.595
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    Yes. What I did was made a copy of the Student role and called in Student Plus.

    Then gave it one extra permission to copy courses.


    So we put instructors in our Master courses as Student Plus. This allows them to go into their real classes and copy the master course.


    If they go into the master class since they can see it, they only have student rights in it so they can't change the course.

  • Donna.Swanson9224
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    Wonderful! We will have to give it a try!