Can you disable the Send Creation Email option when creating a new user?

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Is there away of disabling the "send Creation Email" option so that it is not able to be selected or at a minimum changing a setting so that it is not selected by default (currently it is selected by default) when you are creating single or bulk users on Brightspace?


We are using a single sign on so users login through another platform; however, for some of our users (for various reasons), we first need to create a profile for them on Brightspace manually either individually or in bulk. However, we don't want a creation email being triggered as the creation email needs to come from our other platform which they will be logging on to Brightspace through.


We did this for the first time a couple of days ago for over 1000 learners using the bulk user management tool; however, we didn't realise that the "send Creation Email" was selected by default, so all these 1000 users got an email from Brightspace, when we didn't want them to.


We can likely just unselect that option manually but is there a way to change the configuration so that it is not selected by default or is not visible?


While looking into this, the nearest I have come is in Config Variable Browser - > Tools -> manage users -> BulkUserMgmt there is a setting that seems related to this but I haven't tested it yet and I don't know if it would effect when we are setting up users one at a time.








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    @Carlton Johnson​ 


    Removing 'Email Notification Options' in Bulk User Management is not possible.


    Turn OFF - d2l.Tools.ManageUsers.BulkUserMgmt.SendCreateEmail



    Send a creation email to new users created using the CREATE or IMPORT command - Is UNCHECKED by default when creating new users via Bulk User Management.


    To remove 'Send Creation Email' option when creating a user manually in Users tool

    Go to Admin Tools > Form Elements > CreateUser and uncheck 'Is Displayed' Is Required'


    Hopefully this is helpful.



    Praful Rodrigues

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    @Praful Rodrigues​ 


    That's brilliant. I have implemented those two options. The bulk one I am yet to test but will do so and the new single user options works perfectly.


    Thanks a lot you have really helped.




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    If the new user email fails to send for whatever reason upon account creation, is there any way to manually trigger that?


    For a group of users (preferably) or one at a time?