Is it possible to export/copy class list from one course section to another? (only class list)

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We have two pilot course sections not searchable via SIS but by course offering. I would like to export/copy class list from one section to another (52 students) without having to do this manually student by student. Is this possible?


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    Hi @Greg Ennis​ ,


    If you create a User Collection, you can enroll that entire collection into a new course offering. When following the process to create a User Collection, you can customize the Search Options to find all of the users enrolled in a particular course. Once you've created a collection, it can be enrolled into the new course offering so that the classlist is the same.


    To create a User Collection:

    1. From the Admin Tools menu, click Users. Click the User Collections tab. Then, click New Collection.
    2. From the Properties tab, enter a name and description for the collection, decide if you want the collection to be Public or Private, and determine whether the collection is permanent or expires.
    3. Click the Users tab.
    4. Select Show Search Options. This is where you can quickly search for users based on a specific criteria (such as current course enrollment or role).
    5. To search by your current class, click the checkbox for Enrolled in and then click Select Org Unit. To include only your students, you may also want to define the Role.
    6. Search for and click the org unit where the users are currently enrolled.
    7. Then, click Search.
    8. Select the checkboxes for each of the users you want to add to the collection, then click Add.
    9. Then, click Close.


    To enroll the collection in a new course offering:

    1. Click the Actions menu for the collection you just created, then select Enroll.
    2. Search for the course offering where you want to add the collection of users and then select the Enroll collection in icon (in the Enroll column).
    3. Select the role that you want to apply to all of the users in the course offering and click Apply.
    4. Then, confirm the enrollment.