Good Question – Can I Export a Creator+ Page?

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Like any Brightspace course component, you can easily export and import pages built with Creator+. The process for exporting or importing a Creator+ course is the same as any other Brightspace course component, as detailed in this Brightspace Community article: Import, export, or copy course components.    

When you export a course that was built with Creator+, all your Elements, Practices, and styling from Content Styler will remain intact. Your course will appear as you intended in any other Brightspace instance you import it to. 

However, there are a few special considerations for transferring Creator+ pages. As you export your own Creator+ courses, keep the following points in mind. 

You can export to non-Creator+ courses, but the Creator+ assets cannot be edited 

Courses with Creator+ assets can easily be imported from one Brightspace environment to another. However, if your course is imported to a Brightspace instance that doesn’t have Creator+ enabled, the authoring experiences for the tools will not be available.  

In other words, learners can still interact with Elements, complete Practices, and see styling from Content Styler, but you will not be able to actually edit the Creator+ assets.  

Creator+ assets will not work on other LMSs

Creator+ assets will not work outside of Brightspace. A user cannot edit these assets if they transfer over to another LMS, and they may experience issues displaying Creator+ features. 

For these reasons, we do not recommend exporting Creator+ pages to another LMS.

Learn More 

You can find more information about importing, exporting, and copying course components in this article: About Import/Export/Copy Components

If you have any questions about exporting Creator+ assets, leave a comment below and someone from the Creator+ team will get back to you.