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I am new to Brightspace, but our university is very interested in creating reports based on learning outcomes. I know that there is nothing in the insights report builder that looks at the achievement of learning outcomes and this would me something I would need to do manually in Performance Plus. Does anyone have a SQL Query that I could use as a starting point. I have my old query from the other LMS we used but I am very very green when it comes to SQL and it is appearing to be harder than I thought to figure out the data tables in Brightspace. Basically we have learning outcomes on quiz questions and I am looking to have a report that shows at the course level how an aggregation shown as a percentage of the correct/maximum points that could be earned for each learning outcome. I also want a way to see how many quiz questions were associated with each outcome. I also want to be able to filter by student in the course and get a breakdown on their correct/max scores. It sounds more complicated than it seems and I was able to successfully write this query in my old LMS so hoping this is something I could do moving forward.

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  • Jennifer.W.973
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    Hi @emily.f.53 - if you have access to build ETL data flows in Domo, I have a few examples you can follow for re-creating the Mastery View of outcomes in the grade book and outcomes for individual activities. I haven't yet looked at outcomes for specific quiz questions, but the questions would be in the QuestionLibrary data set.

    There will be a new Program Outcomes achievement add-on in Performance+ in early 2024, I think.

  • Rogelio.d.245
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    I have successfully downloaded the following datasets:

    • OutcomeAlignmentToToolObject
    • OutcomeDetails
    • OutcomeRegistryOwner
    • OutcomeAssessedCheckpoints
    • OutcomesDemonstrations
    • OutcomesInRegistries
    • OutcomesProgramDetails
    • OutcomesRubricAlignments
    • OutcomesScaleDefinition

    I would appreciate it if you could let me know whether you have done the same.

  • emily.f.53
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    Thank you. I am curious @Jennifer.W.973 where in your ETL set up would you add the quiz questions.

  • emily.f.53
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    Hi @Rogelio.d.245 yes I have downloaded those. I am just not sure how to write a query or create a report to display this information and aggregate it to show achievement.