SCORM Internal and Interaction ID:


I currently am trying to analyze the results for a SCORM report. I have impersonated as different users to do a particular exam 3 times (so 3 attempts), and then exporting the SCORM data onto Excel and analyzing it.

So far, I am able to understand the different columns such as UserID, Score, etc.

However, there are two columns (Internal ID and Interaction ID) that seem confusing found in my SCORM Interactions Dataset:

These are the definitions according to the SCORM website:
o Definition of the Interactions dataset: The SCORM Interactions Brightspace Data Set describes the runtime interactions that exist in each activity in the SCORM package. Each interaction will only be known after the first user, regardless of role, attempts it.
o Definition of the InteractionId value: Unique identifier of the interaction.
o Definition of the InternalId value: Unique label for the interaction.

In relation to this, I was able to find that there are duplicate data for

InteractionId Internal ID
40dd5b66-e35a-5c95-af05-40c30f4e2c10 Scene1_Slide2_MultiResponse_1_0
e363621e-7d3a-55ee-891b-7faca1213fe1 Scene1_Slide2_MultiResponse_1_0
7f477f3e-8118-5e81-bfea-583792ad0601 Scene1_Slide2_MultiResponse_2_0
047433a1-94e6-5535-be0f-b5a612b572ce Scene1_Slide2_MultiResponse_3_0

In this case, Scene1_Slide2 represents Question 2 of my exam. The difficult part is to understand the meaning behind (1_0. 2_0, 3_0)

These are some results of a sample user that I had for my exam but I don't know how to interpret the meaning behind these (attached in image). Also in this DS, SCORM only records 2 attempts (not 3), the best attempt and the last attempt taken from the user on a particular exam.

Thank you!