Behind D2L Adventure US


The US D2L Adventure Digital Resources are 100% aligned to the Common Core State Standards. The resources were built to ensure students progress each year and to prepare them to succeed in college, their careers, and life. Our mission is to create resources that support all students in mastering the concepts and skills required to prepare them for success after high school and to support teachers by providing them with a program to assist in teaching the concepts and skills students need to succeed.

The US catalogue includes eight standards-aligned resources:

  • Math Grades 5–8 📊
  • English Language Arts Grades 5–8 📚️

The pedagogical approach for our digital resources is based on the success of students, which is achieved by designing our program using the five imperatives:

  1. build a strong understanding of fundamental concepts and skills,
  2. develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and analytical skills,
  3. cultivate a mindfulness of language and mathematics in everyday life,
  4. encourage communication, and
  5. foster a Positive Growth Mindset.

The D2L Adventure Digital Resources were designed with mastery through practice in mind; in doing this, we have provided a practice activity at the end of every lesson and paired it with immediate growth mindset feedback. In addition, students will also have a chance to complete extensive practice throughout lessons. These additional practice opportunities allow students to focus greatly on each topic, exposing them to a variety of questions which link their learning together, allowing them to achieve greater conceptual understanding and application of skills.

These resources are the complete package, from fun interactive activities to engaging content paired with highly designed multimedia. 🎥 So, if you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us at or post a question in the comments. We are happy to share our expertise, experience, and learning philosophies.

Now, let’s go on a learning Adventure! 🗻