Accessibility Checker Documentation

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Is the documentation "Brightspace Accessibility Checker" a full list of what the Accessibility Checker looks for?

Also, I am looking for end-user documentation about how to fix the errors identified by the accessibility checker. When I look at the documentation it doesn't quite give the user steps and the information about tables is somewhat confusing.

For example, regarding tables, the documentation has an image of properties but then the text doesn't quite align with any of the options.

Sample text: How to fix: Set table header to “Header Row” or “Header Column”, which will change the data cells <td> to header cells <th>.

Of course I can assume that Header Row should be "Row Header" and would probably be correct but it would be easier to have the text match the image.

How to fix: Set header scope to “Row” or “Column” for simple table header, which will add scope attribute (<th scope=”row”> or <th scope=”col”) to associate header cells and data cells.

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