Faculty use

Wondering how others are tracking faculty usage of the grade book(by semester) and also that Syllabus are being posted?


  • Renee.J.194
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    Hi, @Rebekah.M.421 . I can answer Syllabus simply. Until recently, we had people with cascading acess go into each course and make sure the syllabus was not only in the correct place in content and visible to students, but had correct information and current format. Very time consuming. Now we use an external integration with Simple Syllabus stead of static documents. There is reporting functionality in Simple Syllabus, though we do not yet have an automated import into our data lake, we download and upload a table to populate columns in our course readiness reports.

    Using the grade book? If you meaning grading student work, I am not sure why actual grade book visits would be a useful metric. We do report on grades (and their absence), and are begining to look at the time interval between due date and grading activity. But the instructor grading activity does not necessarily take place in the gradebook. It is more likely to be in Discussion, Quiz, and Assignment tools, or in Quick Eval.

    Or, maybe you are not looking at actual grading activity, but wondering how often instructors go to the grade book to get an overview of the class or of individual students? That sounds kind of interesting!

  • Alan.P.39
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    We are working with our web dev team to push syllabus links into courses for instructors using the APIs. The syllabi are created in a 3rd party system, faculty go there to edit and publish. The plan is to have a "Course Syllabus" module and syllabus link added to each course the day after the course is created. We ran it manually last term and it seemed to work well. We also have a report in DOMO to identify any courses that are missing the link or have the wrong link for the current term. Instructors have access to that report too for their own courses.

    As for grades, we don't really track it by term to see if adoption is changing. Instructors are all loosely required to keep grades in the LMS, so in theory usage should be 100%. We do have a report (in DOMO) for Deans that shows courses where no grade items have been created. The Dean can then follow up with the instructors if needed.