How to Foster a Growth Mindset

What Is a Growth Mindset?  

With effective learning opportunities, motivation, instruction and practice, anyone can improve their capabilities. That’s a growth mindset.🧠 Students who develop growth mindsets believe that with hard work, dedication and practice, they can become stronger at any skill. To do that, they need encouragement, feedback and positive reinforcement.⭐️

How Do D2L Adventure Digital Resources Encourage a Growth Mindset? 

Our resources encourage a growth mindset through teaching, examples, timely feedback, assignments and rubrics. 

Mistakes as Learning Opportunities

D2L Adventure digital resources encourage students to view mistakes as opportunities to learn. Additionally, the elementary-level characters model self-monitoring skills and an overall positive attitude, particularly when they face challenges. This allows students to observe and adopt the same behaviors.🤩

Explicit Growth Mindset Feedback 

In D2L Adventure digital resources, students will complete interactive activities that provide them with growth mindset feedback related to questions they encounter. Students will see three parts to their feedback. The first part acknowledges their achievement or effort. The second part reinforces their growth mindset. The final part refers to the skill the question covers so that students can identify their accomplishments. All three parts ensure students have opportunities to clarify, celebrate, and reflect on their learning and growth.✔️ 

How do you foster a growth mindset in your classroom? Share your experiences or ideas in the comments section below! We look forward to hearing from you! 🙂 

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