Hey Community Members! We’ve got some exciting changes happening within our Brightspace...

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Hey Community Members!


We’ve got some exciting changes happening within our Brightspace Community and we want your input! 


Starting Monday August 22nd, you’ll have the opportunity to share your thoughts and recommendations with us through a quick and easy connect.  Here you will get a sneak peek of a sample prototype and be able to share your feedback. This will help us to make decisions to enhance optimal navigation and organization of content and resources.


Jump into this article for more information and direct link access to the user testing!


[Archived Content] Community Connect


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    Hello everyone- we have our Community Improvement Feedback Survey - 2022 article published with the article links live and ready to collect feedback from our Community Members/ Visitors. Please feel free to share this resource with fellow educators so we can continue to shape the future of the Brightspace Community keeping them in mind! [Archived Content] Community Connect

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