Hi All,  If you missed our Tips & Tricks Series webinar on 7th July on Grade book Mastery View...

Hi All,


If you missed our Tips & Tricks Series webinar on 7th July on Grade book Mastery View you can now access the presentation and recording here.


 A few key points for instructors to take note of:


  1. The achievement scale set to default at the org level by your site admin will be used by all courses in your organization. It is not possible for you as an instructor to create your own achievement scale beyond the org level default. 
  2. More than one Program (a set of standards) can be used in an organization. As an instructor you can use a different set of standards for each course -- this can either be written by you at the course level or based off the ones already created by your site admin. 
  3. Outcomes only work for individual tasks, not group assessment/ tasks.  




  • Simon.L.740
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    I missed the seminar so thanks for the recording and slides. When we map standards to rubric criteria, attach to an individual assignment dropbox, mark, the results flow through to the Mastery View. If you attach standard to rubrics, attach to a group assignment dropbox, mark, the results do not flow through to the Mastery view. When will it work the same for individual and group dropboxes? It is equally important to assess standards in individual and group assessment/tasks.

  • Hi @Simon Lismann​ ​, thank you for reaching out to us. There is already a PIE item (D8709) on this which I see that you have commented on, and its current status is 'In Review'. May I suggest you reach out to your CSM to better understand where the Pdt Team is at with this PIE request instead? Thank you.  

  • Thank you

  • Sue.H.848
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    A large enrollment course at our university had to redo all outcome assessments individually after grading the group assignments.


    They used an in-person assignment type with the same rubric to replicate the evaluations. Students did not need to submit anything but unfortunately, it could not be hidden (results won't show in Mastery View if hidden). Group filters in the individual assignment helped to make sure every member of the same group had the same achievement levels. It did not have to be synched to the gradebook to show up in the Mastery View, just published.

    This work-around was a lot of work to redo the evaluations for close to 100 learners.