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  • Hi @Mandi.S.261, That's great feedback about the download experience- truly appreciate your thoughts and support of other Community Members here! We definitely want to keep making the experience a better and better one-grateful to be building this space with a Community of Givers!
  • @Travis.H.362 This is such a great question! Just checking in with a few folks more knowledgeable than myself on Postman and the Brightspace API to see what I can find out for you. Working on this one- and so grateful for your post here!
  • Upcoming SSO Support Sessions June 1st June 5th
  • Hi @[email protected] I'm so glad you're in touch with us and so grateful for this feedback! When I review your account it looks like we may have to complete one more step to get that username to update- once we do that final step it will update across any prior posts you've made in Community but won't disconnect you from…
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  • Hi @Heidi.E.861 I'm just taking a look at your account now- and your access through the single sign on looks great! When you access the Product Idea Exchange from the link in the navbar or Quick Links widget are you seeing an authentication error? Our intention is not to delete or disconnect you from your previous PIE…
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  • Hi @Marv.F.413 your designation provides an indicator of how you engage with the D2L Brightspace Community. As you post more questions, answers, attend more events etc. your rank increases. We're looking at some neat ways to tie your rank to other kinds of recognition too! you can find out more about all Community Ranks in…
  • 🎉 Single Sign On Now Available in Community 🎉 As of today, Wednesday May 31st you will require a Single Sign On Registered Account to login. ✋🏽 Connect with the Community Team in one of our SSO Support Sessions if you'd like a hand registering
  • 🤩 Happening Now: Convo With Community We'd be happy to have you join us 12-1pm EST
  • Hi @Nicole.H.311 We'd love for you to connect with the Accessibility Summer Camp Don't miss the Slides from our Global Accessibility Awareness Day too! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your participation in our GAAD 2023 Video and Event today!
  • Hi @nichole.gladky3425 Did you know you can now access those spaces with just one set of credentials using the new SSO BETA Experience? (Reach out here if you'd like a hand getting connected) SSO BETA Experience You can access PIE from the Navigation Bar Under "Resources" or from your Quick Links Widget
  • @Jane.M.801 your insight and feedback makes the Community better for everyone! So lucky to be learning more with your help- and making things a little bit smoother bit by bit with your help- like the addition of the new ASC Homepage Link now added to the Navigation Bar. Please don't be shy to connect the Panda with us 🐼
  • @Jane.M.801 Thank you for being so generous with your time, so willing to connect yesterday afternoon, and so kind to offer this short tutorial for our Community and other ASCs looking to learn more about how to connect with the SSO. Together I think we discovered a few handy tips to help ASCs connect The link for the ASC…
  • Progress Win! How's it going with the ASC Homepage? Are you able to connect from the Quick Link? Really appreciate you keeping us posted @Jane.M.801!
  • @Jane.M.801 Thank you so much for your fast testing and response I'm so sorry that I didn't understand the root of the access problem from Quick Links. Quick Links isn't a widget that Community members can edit- but it is intended to connect you directly with the ASC Homepage, PIE and Learning Center. I'd like us to get…
  • Hi @Jane.M.801 Congratulations and Thank You so much for giving that SSO a try! You're correct, the new Known Issues and Fixed Issues Lists are now downloadable Excel Files which you can sort and filter (GREAT requests and feedback from Customers for this!) directly from those links in the navigation bar. To provide this…
  • Hey Community Have you ever had to miss out on a Brightspace Guided Training Webinar and felt the #FOMO? Well- that's a thing of the past! Be sure to check out the brand new Brightspace Guided Training on Demand section in the Training Category
  • Hi @Yeslech, I'm sure there are a few approaches here that might work- but a thought I had was that you might use the quiz "hint" feature to give the options spelled correctly that are the answers to the blanks. That way, you've given the correct spelling for the Student to copy and paste, and the assessment remains…
  • April 25-May 9
  • Hi @Anthony.Rusinak9163 Our Brightspace Learning Center offers a perspective on this via Brightspace Guided Training (either for Instructors or Administrators) I'm excited to hear from others in the Community about the way they use Brightspace to help onboard and connect Faculty and Admins using Brightspace too!