DOMO Combine two or more Output Data Sets into one Table

Do you know in DOMO if there is away to combine two or more Output DataSets into one and how to do this, I need two or more outputs on one screen in one table.

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  • Tim.G.959
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    Hi Faith, it sounds like you'll want to create a new ETL, bring in the two output datasets and use COMBINE DATA > Join Data feature to join those two output datasets together. The following link goes to the DOMO guidance for Appending and Joining.

    If there's specific datasets you had in mind, I might be able to give you a few more pointers.

  • Faith.T.759
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    Thank you, I've posted this question on behalf of our report builder Cez, I'll pass this information on to him! Thank you again!!

  • Patrick.T.328
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    Hi Faith, a quick and dirty way to do this is to create new DataSet Views. We've used this to great success to recreate the advanced data set for survey responses along with quite a few other needs. It's not as powerful as the ETL tool, but it has allowed us to pull together columns from multiple data sets and then output different visualizations from a single view. In our case, the visualizations are usually tables of data that we schedule to run and email the results to someone who doesn't have access to the data hub.